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Feb. 19th, 2014

Tc is back in the states on my birthday lol.



is coming up fast and I'm not ready for it what so ever.
I was a bit excited this year that maybe for once it would be feel like the holiday season..but so far it hasn't..a bit more then the past few years but not too much.
I realllly need to get on my shopping im not even close to half way done.
So tomorrow is two months till I'm 18. Yes I am counting down :p
Spencer and I's 6 months was over the weekend too.
My uncle and his new girlfriend came into town it was nice to see him. His girlfriend was pretty nice. I wasn't too excited to meet her at first.
I'm finally starting to feel normal again for the first time in a few months...with my not eating and feeling cranky crap..FINALLLLLYYY! I was going crazy it wasn't me. I still am having troubles breathing so bad but I have my appointment on the 22nd. CAN'T WAIT!!!!!! These inhalers aren't doing me much help.

I can't say how much I dislike the winter. I can't wait for summer to be here and winter hasn't even began,ugh.

I've been looking a bit at colleges. I think I have my mind made up but it's still best to keep looking around I suppose.
I'll post later i took some medicine and i'm getting sleepy.

can't me

moving out come any sooner?
why cant I just get out NOW.


Just woke up.
last weekend was fun.
Friday picked stephanie up and went to the bombers game and met her boyfriend there. Afterwards we went to applebees and invited sarah, bonni, katie, and lacy. Then stephanie and I went to meijers our old favorite place from freshmen year. He grandma used to for some reason want to go shopping at like 2 in the morning so we'd go up there everyweekend for like 2 hours and run around haha. I miss when things were like that....well untill Josh would get mad and come up and like stalk me....that was just creepy... I'm glad stephanie is back in my life.
Saturday I needed to catch up on some school work so I took stephanie to her band thing real early then worked on school, around 6 I went out to dinner with emily, kristin, jordan and kaylin [not sure if thats how you spell it] then back to kristins to watch a movie.
Sunday well I got frustrated with school, I'm dropping french HOPEFULLY. I asked my counselor to let me drop french. I CAN NOT learn a language over the computer, you have NO idea how diificult it is. If she doesn't let me drop it well then I'm probably going to be grounded and have an F in it all year and let it bring down my GPA. I'M NOT TAKING FRENCH! or any other language. I hated it last year too.
I'm switching schools, I wanted to go to tecumseh [EMILY- DID I SPELL IT RIGHT!!! :] ] but the driving would be way to much. So I'm about to call KR here soon and see if they still have open enrollment. I'd be switching in the middle of the year after my semester is over so around January. Big change.

babysitting jameson :DDDD
i'm hungry.

break anotha

=]]] I love blake.
the 2 songs I've heard from his new cd which comes out december 4th are amazzzinggg :] I'm excited.
get paid today!!! real small check though since I took monday-saturday off for all those tests I had to take every day. O well I need gas money.

Monday, sarah and I went and saw paramore and the starting line [ I just realized...why didn't I wear one of their shirts I have both bands shirts!! ] There was supposed to be 4 bands but one quit the tour and so they found another band to cover but then they decided not to do it, then one of the bands buses broke down so there was only two bands. But each band played at least 20 songs. It was real fun. But sarah wouldn't go up front with me, like we did with chiodos, alesana, and tdwp. a bunch of people got hurt, probably more then there was at the metal show. weird.

We stayed the night at my sisters!!! It's been forever since I've seen her and Jameson, He's got HUUUUGEE. he's so cute. He smiles at everything.

North [my old school] and the school rival South High as you know are getting combinded into one school next year.....well they had the football game on saturday...Last rivalry football game between the two schools. As you know both schools sucks. North had a better season this year instead of winning 0 [like last year] they won 3 South only won 1 game this year. Well okay it went into overtime 0-0 hahaha. Me and Emily were freaking out, because who wants to loose on the last game ever... Well guess what!!! NORTH WON!!!!! yay. I'm so glad. Then after I just hung out with Emily and some other people.

I'm writing Jon his letter today I keep putting it off then complaining lol. I can't wait for december 7th, even if he will only be back for a month...

okay I need to work on school work now. Quarter ends FRIDAY =O but our school only pays attention to semesters, so our quarters are kind of like interims but the quarter is more important then a interim because like every other school they average the quarters and that's our semster grade. I have and a, c, f, and f...shiit.

What happened to straight A's Jessica???

Since my grades aren't very well right now and I have double the amount of classes most students have I'm not going to grauate a full year early that way I don't have to stress about school so much and have a normal loud, I might get another job though, that way I can save one and use the other for college ;] I'll just graduate a half year early and start college in the Spring!!! :D That way I only will have about 1 or two classes my last semester of high school and I can have more time to work and do college stuf instead of having tons of school too. It was just too much stress.

schoolwork time. =/


I'm real upset. =/
Jon my bestest guy friend the one who is in basic training for the military right now...I just found out that he's only going to be back for a month then he's sent to California to get stationed. ughhhh.

This really sucks =(
Two of my best guy friends live in California. ha ha.
how weird.


All my teachers are calling me telling me In need to catch up because I'm failing 3/4 of my classes right now.
Last year I had straight A's but this year Idk why I just havn't felt like doing it. This internet we just got it takes like 5 minutes to load a page [it's seriously as slow as dial up almost] so really I don't feel like even trying till we switch it back to our old internet. but my teachers sound real dissapointed in me because they really like me. Eh, I'll maybe go to the library and do some or something, I don't know. I can't fail ANY classes this year and I need to get all A's and B's pretty much to graduate :0

I think I did good on my math OGT yesterday!!! :]

I can't wait for Monday!!

Well I really need to go do some school work, eat, shower, and other stuff before I leae in an hour for my writing ogt.



What to do!!!!!!!

I still like this boy :0
Everyone won't leave me alone about how big of a player he is, how he uses girls, and all that crap.
I should have learned from the situation with josh to LISTEN to everyone else.
But no.

Well anyways I've been talking to him a lot again, he broke up with his girlfriend because she wouldn't stop messaging me on myspace trying to figure out who I was and what was going on... [ which it took him a few weeks to tell me he even had one ]

ahhh, confused, our personalities fit reallllly well....except for the little "player" part. haha.
Hanging out with him this weekend watching lion king and going to the game :] haha.
I'm dressing up as a penguin and he's going to be sasquatch for halloween, we're cool.


I got my license. Havn't wrecked...haha.
Starting all my testing at 1:00 today, todays the reading which I should be fine on.

My best friends suprise 18th birthday was soooo much fun. She screamed and cried lol. I love that girl, I couldn't imagine not having her in my life, she seriously is "my other half" haha.

I'm ganna go eat french toast now and leave for dayton wish me luckkkk :D

buh byeeeeeeee


I passed :)

I did good.
I'm already sick of driving...

but I havn't by myself too much yettt.
Meeting my mom for dinner here in a bit.
i'm tired.

update later.
If I gratuate kind of depends on if I pass my driving test or nott....that kind of sucks.
If I fail..I have to wait an extra half a year to graduate high school because I'll have no way to get to my OGTS in dayton area.....

so I better pass tomorrow or I'm ganna freak out. lol.

but anyways.
then work.